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Spring and fall are the best times of year to replace the flooring or have new flooring installed in your home. Here’s why:

1. The Door 
Your contractor must remove the old flooring, and bring in new flooring. Additionally, your tech may need to go out to his supply truck frequently and during the winter, this could run up your heating bill, and during the summer, could force your AC to work overtime.

2. The Windows 
The fumes and odors that come along with getting your floors done can be unbearable, so you want to be able to ventilate your home, and you want to get as much fresh air as you possibly can, without putting strain on your homes’ heating or cooling systems.

3. Humidity and Temperature  
Concern for humidity and temperature is probably the most compelling reason to choose a moderate season – like Spring or Fall- to get your floors done. Your floors need to adjust to the conditions of your home before they can be properly installed. This means, that regardless of the time of year, floors need to take on the humidity level and temperature found in your home. If this doesn’t happen, you risk the floor drying out after installation, causing it to shrink and then ultimately crack or pull apart.

Note: Should you choose to get your floors installed during Winter or Summer months, don’t worry! Out expert flooring techs are knowledgeable about installing your Baltimore, hardwood floor, and will inform you of any special practices or procedures.