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The point of acclimating wood flooring before installing it in your Maryland home is to allow the moisture content of the wood to adjust to “normal living conditions” at the site–that is, the temperature and humidity conditions that will typically be experienced once the structure is occupied. The acclimation period takes approximately 48 hours.

Thus, it does no good at all – in fact, it is likely harmful-to store wood flooring in your home under conditions that don’t reflect those normal environmental conditions.

Your floors need to adjust to the conditions of your Maryland home before they can be properly installed. Regardless of the time of year, floors need to take on the humidity level and temperature found in your home. If this doesn’t happen, you risk the floor drying out after installation, causing it to shrink and then ultimately crack or pull apart.

That said, we thank you for your patience during the acclimation/install process. We understand that sometimes the process can be frustrating but just remember that all the time is worth the investment in the end. We serve all over Baltimore, Maryland and its surrounding area including Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel, Carroll County, Annapolis, Baltimore City, Ellicott City, Columbia, Towson, Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, Phoenix, Frederick, and Annapolis, Maryland!