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Follow our steps of hardwood flooring maintenance and regular wood floor care. Your hardwood floors should be damp mopped or vacuumed weekly. To clean your wood floors use warm water to damp mop with. Wring the mop nearly dry before using and wipe the floor dry as you go. Also once a month or so you can use a poly-care product designed specifically for polyurethane finishes. The products clean the wood floor surface finish and restore the luster to the floor. You should never wax a surface finish. Wax makes the floor very slippery and requires it to be re-sanded before re-coating.

To keep the floor in good condition, remember to wipe up spills promptly. Use clean walk-off mats at entrances. Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture and keep high heels in good repair. When moving furniture or other items across wood floors do not slide them, pickup completely and put in place. Pet claws will cause scratching of all finishes of wood flooring.

If your wood floor has a wax or penetrating seal finish, you can keep it looking nice by dust mopping or vacuuming weekly. Also never damp mop a wax finish. When the wood floor becomes dull, buff it to restore it’s luster. When the area no longer responds to buffing, apply a liquid buffing wax-cleaner designed specifically for wood floors.


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