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Many Maryland homeowners notice that, at a certain time of year, their hardwood floors begin to morph, shrinking as cracks appear within the wood, and later expanding, during a different time of year. All wood flooring is natural and contains moisture, so when the environment within and around the home changes, the content of the moisture in the wood will change as well. The changes in moisture then result in the floors either contracting and causing gaps, or expanding and re-filling gaps. Expansion takes place during the warmer, summer months.
To keep your floors as healthy as possible this summer season, aim to keep things cool and dry. Here are some quick tips:
1. Use your cooling system to keep your home at a temperature you would be comfortable in
2. Use a dehumidifier if your cooling system produces too much moisture.
3. Keep doors and windows closed to keep cool air in, and hot air out.
The key to protecting your hardwood floors during these months is to be mindful of the conditions in which your hardwood floors are living in and take special care to protect your floors year round, especially when you’re away from home! To learn more about moisture and the conditions of your home, click here to check out this great resource from the Huffington Post!