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Your hardwood floors are not only an investment in your home, but their look, feel and character all contribute to the enjoyment of your everyday living. One concern our customers often face is the risk of wear and tear to the floors by sliding furniture across it. If you don’t take some precautions, your new floors might not stay that way for long. But that’s why we’re here- to let you know that it’s not that difficult to protect new wood floors when moving in furniture (or large appliances). Err on the side of caution.  Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes. If you’re worried that the way you’re thinking about moving something might damage your floors, why take the risk? A few moments of precaution are a small price to pay to be sure. Here are some tips:

1. Carry furniture in and set it in place WITHOUT sliding it across the flooring.  Bear in mind that just a few inches of sliding can damage the floor, so when you’re decorating and rearranging, again, be sure to carry furniture.

2. When using a dolly to move items, make sure it is a soft-wheeled dolly.  In addition to scuffing, hard dolly wheels can create ruts in the flooring.

3. Use the “blanket/hardboard” method with very heavy furniture or appliances.  Some items—such as refrigerators, range stoves, and pianos—are so heavy that they’re difficult to push on a soft-wheeled dolly. In those cases, you can use a hard-wheeled dolly, as long as you take steps to protect the floor. Cover the floor with blankets where you’ll be rolling the dolly. Then you’ll need two pieces of some type of smooth hardboard, both wide enough for the dolly to roll across. The boards need to be really hard—cardboard won’t work for this. Set the boards one after the other, roll across the first onto the second, and then move the first into place after the second. Keep doing that until you’ve got the item in place. Take your time and don’t rush this process.

At Danzco, the very last thing we want is for you to damage your floor by moving furniture or other heavy items across it. If you have any questions or need advice about what you can do to protect your floors, please give us a call at (410) 788-5919.