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Restoration of existing hardwood flooring

Sanding and re-finishing

1. Existing hardwood floors will be sanded down to raw wood, puttied, cleaned, vacuumed, and damp-cloth tacked.

2. The new wood staining is optional. Note that most stains require dry time.

3. Applications of oil base polyurethane finish or water base finish are applied after stains have dried.  Extra coats of finish may be applied for additional protection.

Buffing and Coating*

1. Light sanding of the existing wood flooring finish then flooring is cleaned, vacuuming, damp cloth tacked, and putty applied where necessary.

2. Hardwood Flooring Finishes – Oil base polyurethane finish or water base finish will be applied. Wood floor drying times may vary.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood Floors:

• Choose from a wide variety  of un-finished wood flooring, pre-finished hardwood flooring, or install laminate/engineered flooring

Wood flooring is delivered to job site 2-3 days prior to installation for acclimation purposes.

Un-Finished Wood Flooring Installation

• The wood flooring will be nailed to an existing wood sub-floor and is installed to meet NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) standards.

Un-finished floors are sanded and finished after installation based on the procedures listed in the sanding and refinishing section.

Pre-Finished Flooring

• This hardwood flooring is nailed to an existing wood sub-floor and is installed to NWFA standards.

• Once installation of pre-finished floor is complete, no onsite finishing is needed and the floors are ready for use.

Laminate/Engineered Flooring

Laminate/engineered flooring can be glued or floating. If engineered hardwood flooring is glued it will be glued directly to a concrete sub-floor. If the wood floor is installed as floating it will be floated over foam rubber over sub-floor.

• Once the laminate flooring installation is complete, no onsite finishing is needed and the floors are ready for use.

Installation of Steps/Treads & Risers

• We install steps/treads and risers over existing steps.

• We will need to inspect existing steps/treads and risers to determine options for this installation, which an estimator will determine upon inspection.

• Installation of moldings/transitions/reducers

• We will supply and install all moldings/transitions/reducers. Please note that in order for us to install molding, baseboards must be installed. Customers are responsible for baseboard installations.


Installation of Medallions and Borders

We can install a wide variety of borders and/or medallions un-finished and/or pre-finished.

Repairs & More

Have your floors seen better days? Have high heels, spills, or pet urine done permanent damage? Or perhaps you’ve recently moved a cabinet or floor, and need some patching work done. We will evaluate the condition of your flooring and your unique needs, determine the best solution for you, and solve your problem! . Our hardwood flooring repair services include but are not limited to:

• Fill-in area where walls or cabinets have been removed

• Patching areas damaged by water or pet urine

• Replacing planks and boards

Shoe Molding & Transitions

Shoe Molding

We install shoe molding alongside baseboards in rooms that have hardwood floors, to cover up the gap that allows the wood to expand and contract throughout the various seasons. Our techs will install shoe molding stained to match the color of the floor. On occasion, a primed-white shoe molding can be installed, which will be painted white by others.


We also install transition pieces, the narrow strips of molding that conceal the gaps between two different types of flooring, such as hardwood and carpeting.  In some cases, we may also install transitions when two adjacent rooms share the same type of flooring –such as hardwood- but are at different levels.

Hardwood vent installation

Wooden Vents

Drop In Vents

Drop-in vents, also known as surface mount vents, are vents that sit on the surface of your hardwood floors. They are called drop in vents because they are simply dropped into an opening cut into the existing floor. The rim of the vent neatly conceals the cut edge of the hardwood flooring. It rims the floor much like metal vents and adds a beautifully finished touch to hardwood floors.

Flush Mount Vents

Flush mount vents lay flat with the surface of 3/4” hardwood flooring. These vents create a smooth seamless look and feel. It is recommended that this type of vent be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor. Flush mount vents are the perfect compliment to your hardwood floors.

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