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A number of the homeowners our contractors serve in the Baltimore area often get separate re-modeling or renovation projects worked on simultaneously. We get the question: “What’s first: floors or walls, because, in addition to contracting our flooring services, many of these customers will opt to get their walls painted at the same time. Without proper planning, this could be problematic, but our contractors are knowledgeable and prepared to help you assess the best course of action for the specific job.

Whether you choose to get your walls painted or your floors refinished first is a matter of preference but our recommendation (and what most people do) is paint first, instructing the painter to do a less thorough job closest to the floor (near the baseboards), and then have the floors done. After the floors have been completed (and have had ample dry-time), you then CAREFULLY cover up the floors and have the painter finish up the job.

If you’re still not sure what’s best to do, our contractors are well-trained in best practices and will communicate with your painting contractor to make the best decision regarding your specific project to do what’s best for your unique situation. Got more questions? Give us a call so we can have one of our experienced Baltimore contractors answer you today!